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The West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod (8-H) includes the 55 counties of West Virginia,
3 counties in Maryland (Allegheny, Garrett, and Washington), and 1 county in Virginia (western Frederick county).
We are one of 5 synods totally within Appalachia.

This has influenced not only our way of life, our heritage, but also our highway system. A favorite expression is “You can’t get there from here, but it is a beautiful trip.”
We are truly a rural synod in the mountains, and of the mountains.

The West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod is:

  • One of the 65 synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • One of the 8 synods of Region 8.
  • Divided into 4 conferences with a Dean.
    • Potomac
           East - Vacant, Dean
           West - Reverend Larry Cantu, Dean
    • Ohio-Kanawha Valley
           Childs, Reverend Wanda, Dean
    • Monongahela Valley - Mountain
           The Rev. Linda Muhly, Dean
    • Upper Ohio Valley
           Schafer, Reverend R. Paul , Dean

Social Ministry
We have 1 Social ministry organization within the synod


We have 64 congregations
We have 1 developing mission congregation.

Size of congregations by baptized members:

  • 1-175 members         37
  • 176-350 members     14
  • 351-500 members       5
  • 501-700 members       5
  • 701-950 members       2
  • 951-1500 members     1


We have 14,672 Baptized members.
We have 11,008 Confirmed members.
Our average weekly worship attendance is 3115

Ordained Clergy / Lay Leaders

We have 36 Pastors under call.
We have 2 Pastors in specialized ministries.
We have 13 Retired pastors.
We have 1 Associate in Ministry.
We have 1 retired Associate in Ministry.
We have 22 Bishop’s Lay Worship Leaders.

Partner Synods

Our Companion synod is the Betioky Atsimo Synod, Madagascar
Our Sister synod is the Indiana-Kentucky Synod

The West Virginia – Western Maryland Synod’s purchase of a subscription to The Parish Paper INCLUDES

1. Permission to provide copies to our staff and to the congregations within our jurisdiction in any of the following ways: E-mail, Postal, newspaper, newsletter, meetings, training events, and our Web site.

2. Permission for each congregation within our jurisdiction to (a) photocopy or electronically distribute for local use as many copies as it needs, (b) post them on its Web site, and (c) quote sentences and paragraphs.

Congregations within our synod  jurisdiction to which we distribute The Parish Paper do NOT have permission (a) to delete the copyright ownership notice, (b) to re-write, paraphrase, delete, or change the wording of sentences and paragraphs, or (c) to give ANY THIRD PARTY—other than our staff and constituents—permission to photocopy or reprint (in any quantity, no matter how small, whether for free distribution or for sale

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