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You probably have some questions or you are looking for some specific piece of information. Why else would you have entered through the...

Guest Portal
of the
West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod

If you are looking for something specific, check out the navigation bar above or scroll down through the page. If this is your first time, let's see if we can answer  two basics questions right off the bat.

What's a "synod?"

In our case, a synod is not a local congregation nor is it a national body. It is something in between, a cooperative network of congregations and an mediating structure between the local congregations and the national church body. It is roughly equivalent to a Roman Catholic or Episcopalian "diocese," a United Methodist "conference," or Presbyterian "presbytery."

So, what can I expect to find here?

This synod's website provides information about the synod and access to the web presence of the congregations and ministries supported by the synod. We won't try to tell you everything about them here, preferring to let the speak for themselves. See, that's the thing about synod. Synod isn't about synod; synod is about the congregations and ministries synod supports. If this guest portal can help you connect with a congregation where the Word is preached, the Faith taught, the Sacraments administered, and the Mutual Conversation and Consolation of the Saints takes place, it's done its job, or, if this guest portal can help you connect with a church camp, a campus ministry or church college, or an opportunity to live out one's calling and sanctification, it's done its job. Let's get started.


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