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Continuing Education

The Education for Clergy & Laity page serves as one-stop shop for continuing education offerings. It is extensive.

From Portico

2023 Tax Preparation Resources

Two helpful tax guides are now available for church personnel. Portico provides rostered ministers and congregations participating in the ELCA benefit program with access to no-cost tax guides:

  • The Clergy Tax Return Preparation Guide by Richard R. Hammar gives special attention to tax-related topics most relevant to ministers.
  • Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches helps congregations understand their federal tax-reporting requirements.

Both tax guides are available on myPortico and EmployerLink.

Harness the Power of Rest

Just as every Sunday is a “little Easter,” every night offers a chance to take a “little sabbath” and restore your body through healing rest. If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling like you’re getting a good night’s sleep, Portico members with ELCA-Primary health coverage have a wealth of resources to help. Since March is National Sleep Awareness month, why not check out Learn to Live’s course on insomnia (use the access PORTICO to register), or the Being Academy’s course on sleep.

Creative Ways to Care for your Body

Looking for fresh inspiration of ways to care for your body – through movement, nutrition, or meditation? Burnalong’s daily calendar links to a different short online course each day. March features fun recipes and kitchen tips, just in time for National Nutrition Month.

Clergy Compensation Kit 2024

Clergy compensation guidelines for 2024 (and information  on the current and past guidelines) has been posted! Visit the Clergy Compensation page.

Trappe PulpitSupply Preaching

Looking for a supply preacher?

If you need coverage, you will find a list supply preachers (and ordained presbyters for Eucharistic services) on our Supply Preaching & Presiding page.

Are you listed as a supply preacher?

If you are clergy available for supply preaching/presiding does +Riegel know? During the high-water mark of the pandemic, several preachers took themselves off the supply list. If your status has changed, contact +Riegel.


Clergy Transitions



We bid farewell to The Rev. Dr. Roger Dallman who came from Washington State to the Mountaintop to retire after forty-one years of ordained ministry He stepped into the breach at the Accident Parish while its pastor was on family leave, provided periodic supply ministry, and then provided frequent service to Zion Lutheran Church, Jennings, WV. He now relocates to be closer to family. He will celebrate Easter at Zion, Jennings, as his last service on the territory. Dallman's service was under the rarely used 8.64 provision for local altar & pulpit fellowship.


The Rev. Michael Wright transfers to Northwestern Minnesota Synod to serve Good Shepherd & Our Savior’s Lutheran Churches in Clearwater County, MN. Wright came to the WV-WMD Synod out of Trinity Seminary and was ordained to serve the Aurora-Redhouse Parish on the Mountaintop. He completed this last academic year and extended CPE Residency in Texas.


Entering Mobility

Pastors looking to enter mobility (whether intrasynodical or extrasynodical) should contact the bishop. The Rostered Ministers Profile (quondam "Roster Leader Profile" and "mobility form"), other forms, and supporting instructions are available at's Rostered Ministers page. Click on the link you will find there, and it will take you to your login screen. If for any reason, you need your Rostered Leader Number, contact the bishop.

Guidance: Process for Leaving a Call

There are things to do when leaving a call. You will find guidance and documents to facilitate the process on our Pastoral Transition & Vacancy page.


Vacancy TableOpportunities for Ordained Ministry in WV-WMD

Are you a member of the clergy of the ELCA (or full-communion partner) interested in learning more about WV-WMD? Do you know someone who might be? Drop us a line. You can email +Riegel at or call the office (304-363-4030). There is plenty to commend service and life in our mountains and in our valleys. Like Nebraska, it's not for everyone, but, for those who aren't afraid of an adventure, we have a great mix of challenge and gift. A list of openings can be viewed by visiting our Pulpit Vacancies page (or click on the table at right). You will find there opportunities for congregational ministry and also any specialized ministries that might be open at the moment.

Go Tell It in the Mountains

There is an active search for Director of Go Tell It In the Mountains Initiative.

Job Context Information: Go Tell It In the Mountains is a Lilly grant funded between the Allegheny, Upper Susquehanna, and Northwest Pennsylvania Synods. The director will be supervised by the Bishop of the Allegheny Synod. Residency in one of the three sponsoring synods or a willingness to relocate is preferred. Position begins 1 May 2024.

The grant proposal seeks to expand the role of preaching to encompass education and outreach using modern communication tools to prepare worshipers for Sunday’s message, engage listeners beyond Sunday morning, and empower all to serve. The purpose of this initiative is to address the growing crisis of diminishing active lay and ordained preachers among rural and small membership congregations in our region. This initiative seeks to equip preachers to use modern education and outreach tools to prepare worshipers for Sunday’s message, engage listeners beyond Sunday morning and empower all to serve. The initiative has three main goals: 

  • Go Tell It in the Mountainsequip ordained and lay preachers to utilize traditional and non-traditional preaching techniques to develop skills and practices that will communicate the gospel message in a compelling way;
  • recruit and engage aspiring preachers through a variety of compelling preaching strategies that educate, empower, and support competency in their ministry; and
  • invite existing members of congregations and new community audiences within our three Lutheran partner synods (Allegheny, NW Penn, and USS) to respond to compelling preaching opportunities and content by integrating the gospel message into their attitudes, actions and ministries in daily life.

The director will work with the Steering Committee to initiate, oversee, edit and accomplish the goals, objectives, strategies, and indicators laid out in the grant application.

Visit to view the complete proposal and position description.


Ordinations and installations are not the worship services that a congregation (or clergy) does on a regular basis. To assist those involved with such things a page of guidance is under development. Information for installation is already up. Click here to review.

Rostered Leader Debt Reduction

$3242 in debt reduction grants were awarded to clergy of the WV-WMD synod for the FY2023-2024 cycle.

The WV-WMD Synod has conducted a rostered leader debt reduction program since 2002. Through this program, pastors and deacons with educational debt can be assisted with payment on the principal. The Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Fund is supported by voluntary contributions from individuals, congregations, church-related auxiliaries, and a line item in the synod budget. The amount in the fund is expended each fiscal year as direct payments to lending agencies. Guidelines for the Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Program can be downloaded here.

Apply for RLDR Grant

Applications for a debt reduction grant for the FY2024-2025 cycle will open in early December 2024.

All clergy with educational debt are encouraged to review the guidelines (supra) and make application if they meet the application criteria. Download the RLDR application here.

Donate to RLDR Fund

Donations to the Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Fund can be routed through your congregation or sent directly to the Synod at the following address with a notation on the memo line indicating "Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Fund:"

West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod
℅ St. Paul Lutheran Church
309 Baldwin Street
Morgantown, WV 26505

You may also donate online. We use PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account. PayPal accepts several major credit cards.


Parochial Report

*C9.12(b). The pastor of this congregation: shall submit a summary of such statistics annually to the synod.

A dedicated page for parochial reports has been uploaded. This should help you share information with your congregational leaders. Click here to access the Research & Evaluation page.

Rostered Minister's Report to Bishop: Due 3 March 2024

The governing documents of our church state the following:

S14.15. Each minister of Word and Sacrament on the roster of this synod shall submit a report of his or her ministry to the bishop of the synod at least 90 days prior to each regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.

*C9.13. The pastor(s) shall submit a report of his or her ministry to the bishop of the synod at least 90 days prior to each regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.

Many WV-WMD clergy have already submitted their reports. For those that were waiting, 3 March 2024 was the deadline. Of course, we will take them late. An acceptable report form may be downloaded from the ELCA Office of the Secretary Website, but you may submit a report of your own devising. The report form is in PDF. Be sure to save the report before exiting or you will lose your information. After completing, email to with the subject line, "Rostered Minister Report." If you have questions about how to complete the report, contact +Riegel. To download the ELCA form, click here.

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